Saturday, 10 October 2009


I'd been wanting to make some videos of my trading for a while but since returning from holiday I'd been struggling to get back into the action and have therefore been focusing my attention on that. The markets are pretty tricky at the moment. Ive had to reduce activity slightly and not commit too much to a trade as its much harder to get out if I get it wrong.

I recorded some footage of my trading yesterday and it was interesting to watch it back. I was kicking myself at times where i could see myself hanging on too long and being too greedy. It reminded me that i still have a lot to improve on.

This video was from the 17:25 at Carlisle. I chose this one as it shows both swinging and scalping techniques on the favourite. I tried to record the full screen  but my fossil of a laptop couldn't cope and was freezing up on me so I had to reduce the recording window. I also missed the start of the action here Im a Camtasia novice.


  1. Thanks for the footage Sam, much appreciated. Would you mind letting me know which ISP you are currently using and whether you have made any other tweaks to maximise Bet Angel's performance. Am looking to switch ISP soon and your connection looks very good indeed.

  2. JS: I haven't made any tweaks. I think the most important thing is to keep you system free of junk and anything that could potentially slow it down. I have a separate laptop that i use solely for trading and although its nearly 8 years old it does a great job. Im with Virgin but its not always this fast, weekends and peak times can get sticky so ill often plugin to my other i.s.p which is currently

  3. Hey sam, great video!

    Would appreciate if you'd post more of them. The comments are also pretty helpful!

    Thanks pal

  4. whats the music?? sounds like radiohead but its one I havent heard before

  5. Thanks again for you help Sam, I also agree with Pascal the vids are very useful, particularly with the comments. Best of luck mate.

  6. Hello Sam,

    a great video showing some interesting techniques. I'll need to review it a few more time yet to catch all your moves :-)
    Did you learn your techniques anywhere or from anyone in particular, or have they developed with your experience & time working the markets? Also you say you're on a laptop. Do you trade on using just one screen, or have you another monitor plugged in? That's what I do currently. Cheers, JK.

  7. Hi Sam great vid m8 hope you show us a lot more of your style and technique, and what a great track for the vid can you tell me what the tune was. Cheers m8.

  8. Thanks for the feedback guys I will try and get some more recordings done this week demonstrating other scenarios and techniques.

    JK: My style has developed over the years. I started off as a scalper learning a lot from Adam Todd videos and still use scalping methods in certain circumstances. I do have another screen on a seperate desktop which i use to monitor the market overview screen.

    Oh and the track is called weird fishes/Arpeggi by Radiohead its track 4 on the album "In Rainbows"