Friday, 23 October 2009

Educated Scalping / Hybrid style

My first two years trading were spent as an out and out scalper. Very rarely would I hang on for 4-5 ticks profit/loss. It gave me a great feel for the market and always being "in the money" kept me focused and almost in an auto-pilot mindset. I never monitored graphs or trends and would only use instinct to decide where I could get in and out with little risk.

Maybe I started to peak as scalper or the markets became more suited to another style. Either way I had to change the way I monitor a race and look at the bigger picture, not just the favorite.

Looking back at some recent videos i can see how I've developed a Hybrid style where I can scalp and make small swing trades based on the increased market information i now use. Here's one from last week. Not a massive profit but done with very little risk.


  1. Another nice vid Sam, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Simon,

    Like the blog!

    Can I contact you by email? I have a paid opportunity for betting bloggers I would like to run by you.

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    Thanks, hope to hear from you.


  3. Hello Sam

    It is Darren and Danny who were on Jack´s training course a couple of weeks ago.

    Can you stick a link on to our new blog if possible and then you can take a look at how shit we are doing!.

    Don´t forget if you and Sam ever want to come to Ibiza let us know and we will sort you out.

    Cheers matey


  4. Nice video!! When's the next one coming :)

  5. Hey,

    Just come across, your blog, nice video there.
    Reminds me of my Betangel days!