Thursday, 14 January 2010

Twenty Ten

Well Its been a while since my last post, almost three months to be exact. LOTS of time off at Christmas/New year and LOTS of snow either side of the festive period has put my racing trading on hold up until a few days ago. I recall this time last year i was in Thailand for the countdown and most of January. I will definitely be on a similar trip next Jan. This weather really has reminded me that now is the time of year to be taking a holiday.

However its not all doom and gloom, with the racing off Its given me time to look into other sports and the one Ive always wanted to give a good shot at Soccer Football!

Its my Favorite sport to watch and play so to make it a second income is my main goal this year, especially with the world cup this summer. Its a whole new world of trading compared to what I'm used. The markets are very efficient and going in-play can be dangerous if your unaware of the risks. Ive had a few hard lessons over the years trying football and I'll probably have more but since December I seem to be getting somewhere.  Here's a few recent matches I traded In-Play.

I'm having success setting out possible outcomes and strategies before kick off and adapting them as the games progress. Soccer Mystic is a great tool for seeing how odds are expected to move over 90 mins. 

Ive also upgraded my Trading Cockpit for 2010.
Quite a change from the Laptop I'd been using for nearly 4 years.
It took a while to get used to but now I couldn't trade effectively without it.

New PC, "23" Monitor, Desk, Chair.

Finally I'd like to wish everyone good luck for 2010. I personally cant wait to get the ball rolling again with Horse racing and hopefully keep the momentum I've gathered with Football going into the world cup.


  1. good idea the football ;)

    you do the strategy of bingo and adster on correct score?

  2. Nice to have you back Sam, when a trading/gambling blog goes quiet for a while it always makes me wonder!

  3. thomaszi1:
    I use my own strategy's based on stats and in-play events. I stumbled across
    I gather these are the guys you are talking about. Some good information here ;)

  4. yes m8,
    and that's always better to have his own strategy ;)

    good continuation