Friday, 8 July 2011

60% So does it suprise me?

If you look at the direction that Betfair have been heading in recent times it does not surprise me to see an increase in the premium charge. But the size and rules applied to the new “bracket” are a massive shock that will have huge consequences to all exchange players not just the suggested “500” that Betfair have quoted.

The lifetime +250k bracket and soaring percentage increase only highlight what I have suspected for a while. Betfair want to be the main market maker, they want even more of the pie and they want to force the best competition out of the picture.

So how will things look post 18thJuly?

It’s always very difficult to predict how markets will change after such an adjustment and I really have no idea how things will look and feel. Maybe the big hitters will continue to trade and accept the new charge; we may see a big increase in volumes and liquidity over at Betdaq. These markets are always changing shape but even in today’s ‘uncertain’ markets I was able to pull in a decent profit from the 15 races I traded.

I had personally planned to see out the summer trading and restart one to one tuition in the winter but this recent shift has forced me to bring forward the re-launch of
There are still plenty of opportunities to make money on Betfair and I now aim to help some of the other 3 million customers earn a second income from trading.

Visit the website here for more details on my one to one courses which can now be attended online.

I have also uploaded a new video to my youtube channel which can be viewed from here


  1. Nice bit of consistency their sam, your generated comm must be low, nightmare for PC

  2. You'd have to be pretty inconsistent to avoid the PC Caan. My P&L is sometimes a bit more up and down where I try to push for bigger profits on a day but id never be able to avoid the charges completely.