Sunday, 6 September 2009


Can be fast and furious with races going off every 5 minutes it does get quite hectic. It’s harder to stay focused so sometimes I will skip races at poorer meetings with lower liquidity. This also gives me more time to assess the next market and possibly get a decent early position.
I started slowly and was probably being a bit too reserved after my awful start on Friday.
I missed the boat on more markets than I’d of liked and had one hefty losse where I didn't bite the bullet and get out of bad a position, saying that the P&L was in a healthy state in the end so I can’t complain.
My best race today was the 3:30 at Haydock. I took a screen shot just after id got into some decent positions and took another just at the end as I was greening up.

"Getting on"


                                                             "Greening up"  



  Saturday rounded off an amazing week for me. I missed Monday due to Notting Hill Carnival partying. I’ve rarely pulled that much profit out of 104 markets especially in whats supposed to be a quiet week.   
I’m putting a good chunk of this into my football account to try some in-play next week… I think it’s important to keep different trading banks separate especially when trying a new sport seriously for the first time. There’s a whole new load of lessons to be learnt and it would be silly to be reckless and throw away money you’ve spent years building


  1. PS could you remove my email address from my last post - did not realise you were not moderated - just don't want any spam - cheers

  2. Hi,

    Sorry i couldn't remove your email from the post so deleted it all.

    In the bigger markets you sometimes have to wait longer for the move to develop. You might be in a 2-3 tick losing position after entering a trade but you have to be confident and hold on.. you cant always enter a market and be in profit from the start like i was here.

  3. vHello, i'm new is this trading world and i'm studying this subject as much as i can... Right now i would like some specialist opinion about trading systems. I know for sure that there is no perfect system and i'm not looking for them as a fast way to get fast money...but i look for them as a extra way to understand even better this world and get some basic ideas about it. what is your opinion? thank you

  4. Hi Sam - you say in your intro that you almost gave this trading malarkay up and then something clicked. I'm sure it's not easy to sum up, but what do you think it was that clicked, or what did you identify that you started doing differently with your trading to make that switch from someone on the verge of packing it all in, to a trader capable of accumulating a tidy wedge each day AND having the confidence and determination to claw back from losses on some days that would send most of us to the beer fridge. It would be really interesting to hear what that 'click' was! Many thanks and more success to you. Cheers, Rob

  5. Dear Sam, are you on holiday or just too busy making money to update your blog! :) My real question is: are you a three ladder trader or do you prefer the joys of the enhanced ladder? Also, do you mind me asking what your opinion is of 'The Zone' that I hear so much about? Does one need to get into it in order to get plenty out of it? Hope that makes sense and thank you. Cheers and best, Rob

  6. Hi mate,

    Nice blog, keep it up!! I'm just taking the first steps in what will hopefully see me end up as a full time Betfair Trader. I've started a blog to track my progress and I've added a link for your blog - just wondering if you could do the same for me please pal?

    Thanks a lot


  7. I am considering putting on a Betting Exchange seminar next year, and would love it if you would be able to come a speak at it. talking about how you identify your trades what went wrong for you and what you have learned. would you be intrested in this?

  8. Robbo:
    It was so long ago that something "clicked" that i'm finding it difficult to pin point exactly what it was. I think it was more of a combination of factors.. I was a scalper 100% and i had to drum into my brain that if money is getting matched either side of a price then in theory i must profit. I had to eliminate all emotion from the trade and accept that you cant get it right EVERY time but you can more than half the time. That was the "mental click". Being able to make an average of £10-15 per day without any big losses or mistakes (i.e in-running) was big confidence booster and over a 2 week period i realized i could make this work.

    As for the Ladder interface I'm now more of a three ladder trader but this is only recently since Ive started to use the market overview function on another screen. As I've developed into more of a swing traders style I've found its important to look at other horses prices and how they can have an impact on a fav's price.

    Sttrow: No problem, good luck with the Blog I’m hoping to boost my football profits this year after a lazy start.

    SWM: Yes i would be interested but would probably freeze at the thought of speaking out loud :)

    contact me here: