Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Back to Reality

I decided to take last week off after a great Cheltenham. According to the Bet-angel forums it was a tricky week on the trading front and with the great weather we had in London It was a good decision to leave it alone. There was one day where I finished playing golf by 2pm and I was tempted to race back to the office and trade but I stuck to decision and went back to the first hole to work on my handicap instead. I think it’s important to take time out and recharge, trading is intense and can slowly wear you down without you realising.
Shot of the day
(This almost never happens!)
It took me a little longer to adapt to the big meeting this year. It’s no surprise really as I was experimenting with Betdaq for half of the Cheltenham races, something I’ve never tried before but by the third day I was flying and had my best two days in over a year. Betdaq markets are a different beast. Although they follow Betfair very closely in terms of prices they can feel very illiquid in contrast to Betfair and the fill rate frequency is lower so a different approach is needed. 
It’s a shame but I do try not to get excited or have any kind of opinion on the horses even in these big races. At the end of the day my edge isn’t form/opinion based and if I started to mix this into my trading it would just be plain gambling.



  1. Did you reach the 100 races without a negative outcome? something that stuck in my head for a while, was thinking of giving it a go.

  2. Not yet Caan.

    Its pretty difficult, hopefully i can reach this target in the summer when the markets are a little more forgiving.

    You could even tweak the goal and say i want to go 100 races without losing more than £10 in a race. This will let you to take a bit more risk in the market allowing for bigger rewards but also forces you to keep focused on your positions that might get away from you.

    Discipline and patience are the key.


  3. Hey Sam,

    Sure, ill give it a go as when i make mistakes 99% the time its through ill discipline/overstaking.

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  5. Hi mate, like the blog , will u swap adds with me , ive been full time for about 3 years on and off , now fulltime , starting at the bottom and looking to scale the heights, its good reading other peoples views and objectives , cheers m8.

  6. Awesome blog Sam. I have addeda link to it from mine. I hope you can do the same. Mine is and is basically a blog I set up to track how well I trade the football. It'll help me keep my discipline. I hope!