Tuesday, 23 February 2010

In Running Angles

Many Pre-Race traders dont touch the In-running markets. They are extremely volitile and you will often see traders scrambling to close positions just seconds before the off. Its also likely to witness much larger price movements just after the start regardless of the horses position in the field.

Even with a 4 second delay on sky's racing channels ATR and RUK its still possible to find decent value In-running. Use smaller stakes to stay in control and dont be too greedy. Heres a clip from a few weeks back where i picked a potential in-running steamer based on some factors of the pre-race market.

Right click and "Watch on You Tube!

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  1. Interesting stuff. I've also been looking at the in play odds and would agree despite the delay there is still value to be had.

    It is suprising how the odds can overreact on an outsider that simply takes the lead in a slow run 3m chase race, the odds can clatter in from 100 to 25 in seconds for no real apparent reason.

    Also found that leaving lays in for horses that are way out of contention can often get taken and with no risk, perhaps earlier layers at much lower prices just wanting to close their exposure.

    In play trading has certainly added to my opportunities although I do apply a high degree of caution in what I'm doing, it may reduce the potential profit but hopefully it limits the poptential hit.

    Certainly getting to know horses that lead in races would prove beneficial in terms of a pre race back with a view to laying as the panic sets in in play.